Most of the data in this site has been accumulated by Marcel Dubeau, North Bay, Ontario, Canada and Cheryl Dubeau, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Other contributors to the Database are ... Please visit them.

(1) Roger Durand ... Descendants of Louis Durand


(3) Fred Warren ... The Ancestors of Fred and Mary (Bilodeau) Warren

(4) Larry Lachance ... Welcome to the Lachance / Bussell Family Genealogy

(5) Paul Lavoie... Descendants de/of Pierre Delavoye & Elisabeth Vadois

(6) Judi Rigopoulos ... Dupuis and Beaudin Family Information

(7) Richard Lander ... Ferdinand Dubeau Family Genealogy

(8) Lynn Bouchard

(9) Cathy Hebert ... visit her database

(10) Jean-Richard Pelland for information on the Pelland Family  link to Toussaint Dubeau

(11) Pierre Dubeau for his work on the Biography of Toussaint Dubeau  and for his help on the French portion of the website.

(12) Nantais Family home page... can you find which Dubeau is responsible for their line?